A Samsung Galaxy S5 Announcement Day Miscellany

So the latest iteration of the world’s best-selling smartphone by the world’s biggest smartphone maker was announced yesterday at Mobile World Congress. At first glance both the hardware and software look to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, with Samsung either building on prior strengths or playing it safe, depending on how you see things.

You can find a proper rundown of features, specs and which carriers the SGS5 is coming to (hint: all of them) elsewhere — I’ve decided that my job for today is to bring to your attention some little things you may have missed.

SGS5 Band-aid

Cue The Haters

This popped up in my Google+ feed last night, a cheap shot at the new back cover on the SGS5. Those who’ve actually had hands-on time with the device liken the new back to the material used on the 2012 Nexus 7, which sounds good to me — anything would be better than the slimy plastic back on the GS4.

As for software, here’s the most upvoted comment on an r/Android discussion of the SGS5:

Look at all these features I can turn off to preserve battery!

Ouch. Granted, the collective snark of a few Android snobs will likely have zero impact on the runaway sales hit that this new Galaxy is destined to become.

That’s Not A Blogger

The Android Police included this video with their announcement of the SGS5. I have to say that I find it a bit disturbing that Samsung would try to pass off an obvious paid shill as a tech blogger. You’ll realize in short order that this cheerful lanyard-adorned ingénu is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the company, but after Samsung’s PR disaster a few years back you’d think that they’d be more careful about such things.

Whatever Floats Your Bloat

It’s a good thing that the SGS5 ships with a microSD card slot; Android Central reports that the official Samsung firmware gobbles up nearly 8GB of space. Even more of the available on-board memory might be needed should Samsung ship their new flagship with firmware for multiple carriers built-in, like they did with the SGS4.

HTC Fail

HTC Fail

HTC’s cheeky attempt to steal some of Samsung’s thunder went quite a bit awry when Android Police called them out. In their own words:

Buyer’s remorse, coming soon to S5 owners on March 25th (the day the next One will be announced). Except for the part where the S5 won’t actually be out until April, which invalidates the logic of the whole message.


If you find this particular post lacking in hard data there is a ton of SGS5 coverage out there on the web — Android and Me did an excellent round-up of hands-ons (?) from other blogs, which you can check out here.

What do we think of the Galaxy S5?