Asia 2014 Debrief: Top 5 Android Phones of My Trip

I’m just back from my annual pilgrimage to Hong Kong, with a bonus side trip to Kuala Lumpur. As I slowly become reacquainted with life in the Eastern Time Zone I thought I’d share a few mobile insights from what I saw overseas.

To round out my first week back here’s a list of the top 5 devices I came across on my travels. They all run Android, hence me posting this in the Android forum. One of them I’ve already written about, another will be detailed in a post next week, and a third you can actually buy here in Canada. Imagine that!

Samsung Galaxy Golden

5. Samsung Galaxy Golden

This is the phone for the Big Boss, with dual touch screens, lots of gold trim and a number pad. Because real men still text in Pinyin. You can get one at the major electronics shops in Hong Kong, like Broadway Camera and Fortress, but it will set you back HKD 6,398 — that’s over $900 CAD. You can expense it, I’m sure…

IPro Sense 5M

4.  IPro Sense 5

The too-good-to-be-true handset that I posted about earlier this week… In the days since I’ve found a proper website for the company, plus a contact I’m reaching out to for a trial device. Fingers crossed!

Xiaomi Mi3

3. Xiaomi MI3

I’ll be posting about this one next week, so I don’t want to spoil the fun. But I will say that if you’re in China (or Hong Kong) and want to bring home a souvenir handset from Asia’s hottest phone-maker, this is the one to get — the cheap and cheerful Hongmi doesn’t support 3G for the Americas.

Galaxy Note 3 Special Edition Red

2. Galaxy Note 3 Special Edition Red

This is just pure sex… and the phone’s nice too! Seriously, of the various and sundry “special edition” Note 3’s I saw in Hong Kong, this was by far the best looking of the lot. It was apparently a promotion for Chinese New Year, and by the time we got back to Hong Kong from Malaysia it was already off store shelves.

Red Nexus 5

1. Red Nexus 5

Within days of its announcement in Western media, the red Nexus 5 was already on store shelves in Hong Kong. Granted, Hong Kong isn’t the best place to buy a Nexus— North Americans can get a much better deal buying direct from the Play Store— but man, it is every bit as great-looking as everyone says it is. To put a case on it would be a crime.

So there they are, my top Hong Kong and Malaysia phones for 2014. What’s your favourite?