Some Insights from Twitter on Yesterday’s Spectrum Auction Results

Twitter can be a tremendous resource on big news days like yesterday, when the results of Canada’s 700MHz Spectrum Auction were announced. I thought it might be useful to dump some of that wisdom here as a resource for those following and discussing the news.

If you’re reading this on the front page kindly note that I’ve added this post to an existing thread; you’d do well to follow the whole story from the beginning.

So yesterday, after Minister Moore’s 5pm ET press conference was done and the dust had settled, this tweet from Industry Canada more or less sums up the government’s bluster:

Cdn consumers are the big winners of the #700MHz auction. Results enable at least 4 players in every region of Canada

Another tweet from Minister Moore himself shows the results of the auction by service area:

Spectrum Results

You can see a properly-rendered table here. Saving text with a red background as a JPEG? Tsk tsk, Minister Moore…

Anyway, the big story is Vidéotron’s expansion in to, shall we say… English parts of Canada — notably Southern Ontario, Alberta and BC. What is unclear, though, is whether they will actually deploy in those markets or network-share with Rogers like they do in Québec.

Forums member Jean-François Mezei tweets it rather succinctly:

With 4 incumbents likely to be on 2 shared national networks, @JamesMoore_org should not be quick to declare victory

And to further crush our hopes that Vidéotron will save us from the Big Three, this from forums member Ben Klass:

Vidéotron, hailed as saviour of CDN wireless, has been added to CRTC list of co’s who may be unjustly discriminating against competition

And a final sobering thought from CIRA Director Kevin McArthur:

How the media is letting them spin 5+ bln in new taxes on cell industry as a ‘good for consumers’ move is beyond me. Like custs wont pay it?

How’s that for a downer?