The New Tapatalk Pro

Tapatalk Logo

If you’re accessing these forums on a mobile device chances are you’re using Tapatalk. As I understand it, even the official Howard Forums app — at least for Android — is a custom build of Tapatalk, though any revenue from ads goes to the forums rather than the Tapatalk devs. But I digress…

Tapatalk has had a rocky relationship with the Android community as of late. Last October they made the paid version of the app free, offering users a refund only if they had purchased it in the thirty days prior. At the same time they released a separate, paid version optimized for tablets. All of this is detailed in a company support thread; me, I just use the tablet version on everything and don’t give it a second thought.

The iOS version of Tapatalk was apparently updated last December, but the newest Tapatalk Pro, v4.41, appeared in Google’s Play Store (and on my devices) only yesterday. Let’s have a look…

In addition to the spiffy new icon Tapatalk now features three main tabs:

1. Feed

Tapatalk Feed

This is the first thing you’ll see when you boot into the app — the latest posts from all subscribed/bookmarked forums in a single stream. Depending on the many and varied forums you visit it can get confusing pretty quick, but for the true forum addict I think it’s a great idea.

2. Explore

Tapatalk Explore

Here’s where you can find new forums to check out. A quick scroll through the mobile subcategory in Tech & Computing revealed more phone forums than I ever knew existed. But for the life of me I couldn’t find that Russian site where you could get cracked .sis files for your S60 Nokia — not that I ever used any, of course!

3. Forums

Tapatalk Forums

Now this is the Tapatalk we’re all familiar with; from here on in it’s business as usual. I was quite relieved to find that I could still long press any of these forum entries and reorder them as I see fit.

Tapatalk Photo Editor

There’s also a built in photo editor now. Anyone who has used Aviary on their phone (or with their Flickr account) should find themselves quite at home here.

And that’s pretty much it.  My only complaint with the new Tapatalk is that I can’t specify a specific tab to boot into by default. But it does a pretty good job of remembering where I am when I leave, and putting me back in that same spot when I jump back in.

What do you think of the new Tapatalk?