Koodo’s New Plan: Too Good to be True?

We all know what RSS is, right? When a blog that supports it publishes something, that content is immediately pushed to RSS subscribers via their reader of choice. And just like a text message, once something goes out over RSS it can’t be recalled — so if you publish something and then immediately unpublish, your RSS subscribers might still have a copy.

This is exactly the situation in which I found myself yesterday with a story from Mobile Syrup, and it’s a good one: Apparently Koodo was (is?) to release a plan with an unusually reasonable and affordable LTE data bucket for this part of Canada. It showed up in my news reader but is nowhere to be found on Mobile Syrup proper.

Thanks to the magic of RSS, here is that story:

Koodo launches $55 / 3GB plan for Small and Medium Tab customers

Koodo is bringing the 3GB data plan to the under-$60 price point with its latest Canada-wide offering for Small and Medium Tab customers.

The TELUS subsidiary has launched an unlimited talk, text and 3GB plan for $55, far below competitors Fido and Virgin Mobile with the same data pool. The price includes up to $150 for a device subsidy on Small Tab, and customers can add an extra $5 — $60 total — to bring the subsidy up to $300 on Medium Tab.

New Koodo Plan

In comparison, Fido and Virgin ask $60 for a similar plan with 2GB of data when bundled with their lowest subsidy. Virgin offers an $80 / 3GB plan on the medium $300 Gold Plan subsidy tier, and Fido’s $65 Smart Plan, which also offers a $300 subsidy on a new device, maxes at 2GB data.

The only downside to the Koodo plan appears to be the opening $150 subsidy limit on its entry-level Small Tab; Fido and Virgin both offer $200 on the lowest subsidy.

Koodo customers can also take 10% off their monthly plan if they bring their own device, leaving the price at $55 per month after tax.

Interested? Check it out at Koodo. No word on when the plan ends.

Yeah, I clicked on the link, too… as you’d expect, that plan is nowhere to be found on Koodo’s site.

As of this writing the screen capture for the story is still on Mobile Syrup’s server, which gives me some hope that the post was premature rather than incorrect, and that the plan might indeed be available from Koodo soon.

I’m currently paying Koodo $31.50/month + $10/GB for pay-per-use data; with this new plan I could decommission my Rogers LTE hotspot and not have to worry so much about data use on Koodo. I’m not exactly thrilled about the $10 per GB rate, but 3GB is at least a reasonable monthly allowance.

TL;DR I would put my girlfriend and I on this plan in a heartbeat.

Why this story was retracted from Mobile Syrup is not for me to answer; I’m just crossing my fingers that it, and the Koodo plan, will once again see the light of day.

Maybe if enough of us click on this link we can collectively will it back into existence?