A Night Out with the Lumia 1020

All done!

To do yet another graffiti walk would be, in my opinion, a disservice to the Lumia 1020. Most modern-day camera phones can deliver acceptable results with vivid colours in bright light — as per previous examples here and here. So for the Lumia I tried something different: I took it with me on a dinner date to  a new ramen joint in the neighbourhood.

All of the images that you’ll see in this post, save for the one screen grab below, are embeds from my Flickr account. That way you can click through and see them resplendent in their full 41 megapixel glory should you so choose.

Nokia Camera App

Since the official review of the 1020 was posted to these forums the Nokia Camera Pro app has been updated to Nokia Camera. I ran the Camera Pro tutorial before the update and the controls in the new app seem pretty much the same.

Autofocus Fail

The original premise for this post was to let my foodie girlfriend take all the pics, so as to see how intuitive the camera controls were. That didn’t go so well, as you can clearly can see above.

The best results on the Lumia are achieved with two screen presses — one for your desired point of focus and then the shutter after that. The Lumia also has a physical shutter button, which this Android user honestly forgot was there!

I should point out that choosing your focal point will activate the very conspicuous focus-assist light — it’s white and can easily be mistaken for a flash. Not so great for candid pics.

"White" Ramen

That’s better… I manually set the white balance for this shot just to be safe. In hindsight I could have stopped down a bit so the seaweed wouldn’t be so blown out.

Noodle Baskets Zoom

So why would anyone need a 41 megapixel camera phone, anyway? Well, for starters you can aggressively crop your photos and still have great results.

This noodle station — gomen nasai for not knowing the proper Japanese term — was maybe eight feet from where we were sitting. The photo is cropped down from the original 7712 x 4352 pixel image to a mere 1393 x 926. At full resolution it’s a bit pixelated, but at 500 or so pixels wide I think it looks great.

Low-Light Menu Card

And then my mind was blown — not just because we went for drinks and dessert after a fairly decadent bowl of soup, but because I was able to take this photo in a such a dimly-lit restaurant. Even more amazing was this was shot in full-on auto mode; the only extra step I took was tap-to-focus. It looks much better than the shot I captured manually at 1600 ISO.

Say what you will about Nokia and Windows Phone, the camera on the Lumia 1020 is the real deal. It reminds me a lot of my much-beloved N86 back in the day. And I haven’t even tried capturing video yet!