The Nexus 5 – 3 Reasons to Buy (or Wait)

Nexus 5 in White

I myself was out and about when the LG Nexus 5 finally showed up on the Google Play Store yesterday, and by the time I got to a proper computer there were no more to be had. You’ll have to believe me when I say that I only really checked out of curiosity, and I’m not planning on ordering my Nexus 5 just yet.

But this Nexus 4 owner is most definitely getting one. I’ve owned every Nexus device except the Nexus 10 tablet. I don’t take hardware subsidies on phones, and an annual handset upgrade/hand-me-down cycle suits both me and my girlfriend very well. 😉

If you’re considering the Nexus 5 there are some compelling reasons to grab one as soon as you can, but also some benefits to waiting a bit.

It’s win-win either way, really.


1. KitKat

Hammerhead (aka the Nexus 5) is the first-ever device to ship with Android 4.4 KitKat. Here’s Marques Brownlee to explain its benefits:

As a Nexus 5 owner you’ll be the first on your block with Android’s latest and greatest. And because it’s a Nexus software updates will come straight from Google — no waiting for your carrier to add bloatware or your manufacturer to butcher it with their crappy ROM.

2. LTE

It seems like only yesterday that The Verge was bitching and moaning about how the Nexus 4 didn’t have LTE — well it kind of did, but only on certain bands. Anyway, the benefits of fast LTE data weren’t apparent to me until I visited Japan last spring. Now I get it, and full LTE support on the Nexus 5 is a big deal.

3. Logistics

Remember how much of a mess the Nexus 4 launch was? I sure do. It was announced on October 29th but I couldn’t get my order through until three months later.

Though the first batch of Nexus 5s are clearly gone, at least the Play Store didn’t buckle under heavy demand for the device. And early reports suggest that  those who ordered yesterday might get delivery as early as next week.


1. Custom Recoveries & ROMs

This. This right here is why I’m in no rush for my Nexus 5. I’m honestly less interested in stock KitKat than I am in a 4.4  custom ROM. Thus, I was very pleased to see this in my Google+ stream yesterday:

2. Superstition/Habit

Chalk this up to my days as an Apple user; I’m generally wary of the first production run of anything. I don’t think there will be anything wrong with the first batch of N5s, but if I’m waiting on a custom ROM anyway I might as well see what the early adopters think of theirs.

3. Geekery Makes Waiting Fun

Remember those apps, sites and scripts designed to let you know when the Nexus 4 became available again? No doubt they’ll be back — heck, the old stuff might even still work. So when someone asks you if you’ve ordered your Nexus 5 yet you can answer:

“No, but I’m pinging the Play Store a hundred times a second until I can…”

So yeah, maybe the reasons for waiting are a bit weaker than the reasons not to. Like I said, you can’t really go wrong either way. If you got in on the first batch of N5s, congrats on your purchase! If you didn’t, don’t sweat it… you’re in good company.