Oppo Does (Almost) Everything Right

Oppo N1 Pioneers

The worst thing that I can say about Oppo is that they didn’t pick me to participate in their N1 Pioneer program. But they have shown excellent judgment in including Mr. Marques Brownlee, so we’re cool.

Some of you may know this Chinese company for its DVD players. But 2013 has seen a lot of buzz about their Android smartphones as well. In that department here’s what Oppo currently has on offer:

Oppo Find 5

Find 5 (February, 2013)

  • World’s first 1080p smartphone (pre-dating the Galaxy S4)
  • 13  megapixel f/2.2 camera
  • 5 inch screen with super-slim 3.25 mm bezel
  • Supports CyanogenMod, PAC ROM, Paranoid Android

Oppo R819

R819 (September, 2013)

  • Thin and light smartphone with 4.7 inch display
  • 8 megapixel f/3.0 rear camera; wide-angle 2 megapixel front-facing camera
  • Quad-core processor
  • Dual SIM card support (!)

Oppo N1

N1 (December, 2013)

  • World’s first rotating camera smartphone  (13 megapixels)
  • Massive phablet with 5.9 inch screen
  • O-Touch panel on the back of the device for navigation
  • O-Click remote for your key chain

The bad news: none of these fine devices support LTE. The good news: you can buy them unlocked on Amazon. They’ll even ship to Canada, duty-free.

Another thing Oppo has done right is to reach out to the XDA community. Here’s a company rep at XDA Devcon in Miami last August:

Even if it’s only limited to the Find 5 (for now), official support for third-party firmware is a godsend for modders — especially if, like me, you find Oppo’s own Color ROM a bit lacking.

Oppo is easily found on your favourite social media channel. I follow them on Google+ but you can also add them on Facebook and/or Twitter. Which brings us back to this N1 Pioneer business…

In advance of the N1’s December release Oppo put a call out for ten lucky individuals to get the device in their hands early, for only $99 USD. In exchange, they’ll be submitting photos, videos and their thoughts on the N1 back to the company, which will then be blasted back out across the aforementioned social media outlets.

Representing Canada will be Sivan Rehan, but you’ll also want to watch out for videos from MKBHD.

As for yours truly, I would welcome the opportunity to get some hands-on time with any Oppo device. Even without LTE there’s a lot to like about the company and its products, but it’s hard to recommend something without having actually used it first.

I’m crossing my fingers that the N1 will be available in Hong Kong when I visit there in the new year!