Go Pro with Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android

After flashing my girlfirend’s Galaxy Nexus last night I can proudly say that all Android devices in our household — that’s a pair each of Nexus phones and tablets — now run Paranoid Android.

I mentioned this custom ROM here a while back as the best solution for managing those pesky app permissions, and I stand by that claim. I’ve since tested a few other ROMs for my Nexus 4; Carbon has similar fine-grain control over individual apps, but Paranoid Android goes further and timestamps each permission, letting you know the last time it was used so you can figure out why.

PA — or AOSPA if you prefer — has a lot more going for it. A helpful reddit user made a series of animated infographics that will help me explain:

And there, buried deep in the “Hybrid properties” settings that control such things, is the subject of today’s post.

PA Go Pro

It’s not new to PA by any means, but I think it’s a great idea.

A lot of Android modders seem content to give away their ROMs for free in exchange for the recognition they can get on, say, XDA. But the PA team have clearly gone above and beyond with innovations like PIE and HALO, and in true open-source spirit they’ve made these features available to other ROMs. Do they deserve some monetary compensation for their efforts? I think so.

Here is their tantalizing proposition: Rather than hobble a product by requiring a “pro” key to unlock features that should already work, they’re delivering new, cutting-edge stuff that you get to use before anyone else via a paid app.

It’s currently going for a hair over three Canadian bucks in the Google Play Store. If you’ve use either PIE or HALO on any custom ROM, this small purchase is at the very least a way to say thanks to the clever folks who made them possible.

I just did.