Memories of Apple Launch Days Past

iPhone... Woo!

Here in downtown Toronto the lineups for the iPhone 5c and 5s started last night; indeed, by the time this is posted you might well be reading it on one of these new devices.

While this outsider won’t be joining in on the fun directly, I would like to offer up a few memories of launch days past…

3G Worldwide Launch

I remember spending a good chunk of an afternoon and evening — and part of the following morning — watching Uncle Leo host one of the most epic netcasts ever. He stayed on the air for some 24 hours, tracking the launch of the iPhone 3G across the planet, from New Zealand to Hawaii. The long way around.

By 2008 the hype from the original iPhone had reached a fever pitch, and with the launch of the 3G it became a global phenomenon. It was pretty cool to see iPhone fans everywhere discovering what I already knew — that a phone that works anywhere in the world is an amazing thing.

Greg Packer

You know, the shirtless dude, first in line for the original iPhone, iPad and who knows what else. His Wikipedia entry refers to him as the most quoted man in news, while his blog seems to indicate that he’s still in line for his iPhone.

I think the cynic in me saw his shirtless, sweaty countenance as the true face of consumerism rearing its ugly head. But really he was just a media whore.

Smash My iPad 2

A bona fide anti-consumerism campaign came from Ben Simpson (or Lovatt?) and his Smash Our Stuff crew. I can distinctly remember a YouTube video of him smashing an iPad 2 on launch day, but the only reference to it anywhere on the interwebs seems to be here.

So here instead is the smashing of an iPod Nano at Yorkdale Mall:

Pointless? Juvenile? Social commentary? Take your pick…

Apple Eaton Centre Store Opening

If you’ll indulge me I’ll finish off this humble retrospective by sharing a little guerrilla video of my own, shot at the Toronto Eaton Centre Apple Store opening with comedian Al Howell.

Yeah, it ain’t much, but it at least got some press on a Spanish tech blog

If you’ve got some memories from past launch days, or something from today
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