Best feedback ever.


So last week Asiansploitation mounted their summer revue, with yours truly back in the director’s chair.

Without patting myself on the back too much I can say that the show was very well received — but my favourite piece of feedback was actually a complaint, sent to the troupe official email address:

Hi Guys: I/we was there on June 12. You guys are very talented and funny. Congrats.
Please note that you may be sued if you continue to exploit Rob Ford by assuming he is taking drug. Please delete this script. Nothing has been proven. We all want to be treated fairly not being exploited. Don’t you?
Thanks for the entertaining show (name withheld)

From this terse electronic missive came two great insights:

1. The audience was challenged.

One of the best directors at The Second City taught me that in the spectrum of audience reactions to satire, taking people out of their comfort zone is perfectly acceptable. That this person seems to be a member of Ford Nation is icing on the cake; that their reaction to our closing number was drowned out by the cheers of everyone else is even better.

2. The troupe stood its ground.

Of the comedy troupes I’ve directed (and there have been a few) Asiansploitation has historically been the most sensitive to audience feedback. Our exhaustive exit surveys from revues past have been the subject of ridicule from both audience and cast member alike. So imagine my surprise and delight when this email was brought to light, and the question:

Does this bother anyone?

… was met with a resounding “Nope.

Copyright hysterics in this part of the world prevent us from sharing our closer with you, unfortunately. Perhaps you can make it to Toronto for the remount?