You know things are bad for your upstart Canadian carrier when…

iPhone 5 on Mobilicity and WIND. Seriously.

It’s true… The latest version of Apple’s fondleslab now works on Mobilicity and WIND’s AWS networks. It’s all thanks to T-Mobile — and Apple too, I suppose.

The importance of this cannot be overstated; in my mind it’s the single, biggest hurdle that Mobilicity and WIND have faced since their respective launches. Yes, the service areas of both are limited largely to urban areas. And yes, it’s entirely possible that many would-be customers are still riding out a three-year contracts from one of the incumbents. But I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes: someone walks into a Mobilicity or WIND store, asks if they carry the iPhone and walks out seconds later.

So now that the jeebus phone is available you’d expect a big marketing push from both companies, right? I mean, this is the Hail Mary that they need right now, what with all that bad press going around…

Instead, this:

@Mobilicity Screenshot

That tweet is Mobilicity’s only acknowledgement of an AWS-compatible iPhone, at least that I’ve seen. WIND posted a coming-soon tweet last March, but far as I can tell never even bothered to follow up.

I know from a friend who’s an Apple Store employee that Cana-duh is a “low priority” market for Cupertino; as such they’ve probably never even heard of Mobilicity or WIND. And I don’t doubt that both carriers would probably have to dig deep to even pay lip service to Apple on their official sites.

But to not draw attention to the one product that could give them the customers they so desperately need? Things must really┬ábe dire…

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