Adding to the noise at PodCamp Toronto 2013.

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Come­dian Andrew Cur­rie preys upon your igno­rance about that free desk­top oper­at­ing sys­tem that you may or may not have heard of. Atten­dees will very quickly fig­ure out that the oppo­site of what he says is true, and that Linux really isn’t that scary or even hard to use.

This is kind of a big deal for me. I submitted a session to PodCamp Toronto, a local “unconference” that happens every year at Ryerson University. Why they call it “PodCamp” is beyond me; in the two years that I’ve attended the vast majority of sessions are about social media engagement and website SEO. In fact, I would steer well clear of the whole affair were it not for Anthony Marco repeatedly dragging my sorry ass out to pimp Dyscultured.

So why add to the noise — and why Linux, of all things?

It’s not that I need the approval of strangers. Been there, done that. It’s not that I want to whack people over the head with the Free/Libre doctrine. Done that, too. But as an honest-to-goodness Linux fanboy, I think its biggest hurdle to more widespread popularity is that too few people have actually seen a modern-day distribution in action.

So Imma rectify that. And for shits and giggles I’m going to build my session around the faulty assumption that all Linux distributions are subversive and evil. That’s satire, see? Changing people’s minds not by criticizing their fears, but by embracing them so wholeheartedly that you can’t help but show how ridiculous they are.

I should probably point out that my session hasn’t even been accepted yet, and might well not be. Or worse, they’ll schedule me on the Sunday, when no one will be attending to anything but their hangovers. But I’m going to put a fair amount of work into this anyway, as I generally don’t want it to suck.

Which also means that for the next two weeks I won’t be posting to this, my brand-new blog, as often as I’d like. But if I do get the green light and actually get to try out this little live experiment, you’ll be the first to know how it went.

Ok, among the first — unless you wanna come out and see it for your fine self…